Saturday, February 28, 2009


I appreciate my health. I have been sick all week with a nasty nasty nasty cold, and man, am I a nasty miserable 'justletmedie' sick person. I am not fun to be around. My kids and hubby bore the brunt of my miserableness. I can not even begin to imagine what one goes thru when one faces an illness with a life threatening prognosis. I think I would just hand a pistol to my husband and tell him to shoot me, but my perspective is that of a sick person who will definately be getting well. I follow the blog of a woman who is fighting, with fierce determination, humour, humility and cross our fingers triumph, breast cancer. And I admire her deeply. And hope that I have 1% of her strength of character. I have read her blog with tears pouring down my face more than once.
Last year I hurt my back, too much lifting - little boys, pig food, little boys, totes of apples, little boys, canning, little boys, strawberries.....little boys....and the next thing I knew I had permanent pain down my leg and couldn't sit or lie down comfortably and no painkiller could touch it. My doctor told me NO LIFTING. I stopped everything. And it went away, slowly. Now I listen to my body more, it had been giving me signs for months....but I thought it was sore tired muscles not bulging back discs.....boy, it's amazing how little you can do when you can't now I'm getting to the age where getting hurt is not a good thing either....3 kids, business, family......So much depends on the mummy.....although in my house, Daddy is around 24/7 too but with a slightly different philosophy. Not necessarily a bad thing but the kids have definately had less hands on less reading to and less mom time this past week...... Hopefully this coming week is a polar opposite.

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