Saturday, February 14, 2009

books and Consumer Crap

Not sending my kids to school means that they are not exposed to so much crap that is out there. OK OK not totally - I am guilty of allowing them to watch they see Dora, Diego and etc....and we head to CBC and watch Magic School Bus EVERY DAY without fail.....ok there are failures. But they are getting bored of it, and said so. I told them to play instead of they were bored and then later in the day when something new and different (word world, superwhy) was on we could turn the tv back on. This went over well. Then add Scholastic Book Clubs into the mix from schools. Have you looked at the crap in them. And the good stuff? For example: I ordered the Sarah Plain and Tall series, all 4 for $11.99, and Socks by Beverly Cleary is $1.99, but the rest of the books are recipe written and boring to yes, get kids reading yes, and then the rest of the consumer stuff.....ack, I guess this position is becoming known... THIS ARTICLE describes it and this website is how to make a difference!. I've also linked to posts about this in the past. I'm so glad I don't have girls. My boys just want to push dirt.....but that's a whole 'nother post

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