Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Teacher Visit - Cool Stuff

Ok, for once I didn't panic about our teacher/facilitator visit. I just ticked all the relevant boxes and she read to my littlest and away she went. She has definately come to see where we are coming from. Of course, I tried to get August to "write" something for me to give to her. He wrote in all big letters. Ok, so by distinguishing the upper and lower case letters by big and small I've created a kid who is confused about the letters. Is a lowercase b BIG or little? It spans two lines, it's not "small" like a lowercase o......So now to change my terminology for him and for the remaining two boys. I got a mini panic thinking about how I need to "work" on writing with him more. Do I? Probably should - reading today I pointed out to him the lowercase letters....will this sink in? I guess I need to try and find meaningful ways to get him to write stuff down......
So then tonight when I was trying to read bedtime stories guess what August was doing? Writing his song down. He made a short tune on the piano today and he wanted to write it down. So he had the music lines drawn, the base and treble clef drawn and was trying to put the notes down.....SO COOL, and so nothing to do with me!

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