Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teacher's Pro D Day

I recently attended a teacher's pro d day to display my books (usborne) and wow I got some interesting comments from a lot of different people. I spoke with teachers, teachers who are parents and other distributers. From the french teacher who told me that we don't have it right and they just 'forget it all anyways' to the curriculum distributers who told me they wished they'd homeschooled or sent their kids to a Waldorf school, to the teacher's store owner who told me her son was being labelled ADD and she didn't know what to do...... I heard it all. Teacher horror stories, teacher nice stories.....very very interesting. It's amazing how many people say, "If I could do it again I would homeschool." And from a teacher, "If it isn't working for my child, I'll pull her" The system is broken folks, but how to fix it? Someone said to me today that the schools teach mediocracy. Another told me it wasn't until her daughter was in grade 3 that she got a report card from a teacher who really *knew* her daughter and appreciated her strengths.....and it brought her to tears. Yet we all (we being a broad term) have kids and send them off to Kindergarten because that's what we're supposed to do - and it looks like we're headed for full day kindergarten too (in BC). And many parents are happy about this. There was a letter in the paper today from a man who thinks the FSAs are a good thing and what are the teacher's afraid of (don't even get me started on skills testings, just visit www.alfiekohn.org) . People just have no idea. Speaking of FSAs - the district I'm registered with and receive funding fromm tells us we must have our kids do the FSAs in grade 4 and 7. HA HAHAHAHAHAHHAHhahahahahah I've already registered my objections and I'm still 2 years away. It won't happen. And then there's my friend down the road. Our kids were in K together. She took her grade 4 son to after school learning centres 3 days a week. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. Everyone's brain develops at a different rate, something education system teaching to the masses seems to forget. And guess what he's doing fine now, probably would have even without the learning centre. Ok, blabbed on enough here. Check out this video - everyone should HAVE to watch it.....

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mamak said...

I love that video. It makes me cry EVERY time. I tagged you for a quick game. Wanna play? see my blog. :>)-K