Friday, January 16, 2009

So there!

My mum so thinks we're screwing the kids up it's not funny - and then she asked this morning "What's the smallest flying mammal?" And A yelled "BAT!" (We just happened to read "The truth about bats" Magic School Bus chapter book the night before....) Did you know that there is a bumblebee bat? Coolness. Now the kids want to see one and were AMAZED that we have bats here and want to see one NOW! Of course we only see them in the warmer months....not when there's snow on the ground. Ok, I just googled it Bats hibernate here :)
I occasionally yell at my kids (ducking) and am always amazed at how fast they seem to get over it.....sometimes while I'm still ticked. They are just happily continuing on with what they are doing. Joyful and curious. Inquisitive and passionate. I watched a mother yell at her son the other day....he looked at her mournfully, then she yelled some more, same and then a few minutes later observed them continue home walking 10 feet apart. He is in kindergarten. I was horrified at the miserableness of the child. What was she yelling? It must be part of the equation. I yell when I'm frustrated, not getting their attention or well, when I'm frustrated at the total chaos that is my life and need someone, anyone to listen to me.....and get the damn jammies on...... I don't degrade my kids, I don't belittle them, I don't call them names, I'm pretty predictable "I don't want to yell, and I don't want to ask you 5x" so maybe it goes in one ear and out the other. Great. I know what the parenting experts are going to suggest..... But my point is this - I don't attack my kids. They seem to know that it is built up frustration. It's like they expect it and they know it'll blow over fast. It seems we have built this into our way. I was talking with hubby about this whole experience and we know we need to be more proactive at step one of the frustration chain......I am going to work on this .....

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