Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Toy

Yep, we fell for it, the treadmill that would get us ready for ski season....got it on sale, a good one great to use, easy to fold up...and it's been folded up since we bought it. Er....hubby may have gone on one run. BUT it is the greatest toy ever. Did you know 5 year old Sawyer can run 10.1 kmh??? Yep, he holds on as he runs, his little legs are moving at full speed and his face has the most ecsquisite look until he has had enough, lets go and swings from the handles.....it's hilarious. The boys spend hours taking turns on the treadmill now....and the ones that aren't running??? They have lego and etc to drop on the back and watch it shoot off the back of the moving treadmill. I better tell them they can ONLY use it 10 mins a day, so they want to use it more.....hehe

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