Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kinda Like Dominoes.....

So the three boys were playing naked on mummy's bed, jumping around, while we dealt with paperwork in the office for a legal action we are taking (you don't want to know, in a nutshell....salt contamination of our water supply by the highways department next door......a long story) and we hear a bang, scream and crying, which stops .... then a minute later S comes in holding his head. Seeing the copious quanities of blood, I immediately say stitches. Hubby gets snow and we stop the bleeding....finish our paperwork....and head to the doctor. S and I sit in the walk in clinic waiting waiting waiting....and finally get in the room. Of course he is asked mulitple times what happened. (Doesn't help this is the THIRD time we have taken him in for scalp the past 1.5 years) The doctor puts on some numbing agent and I head for a pee (The reason we like this walk in clinic - it's beside Starbucks!) I hear from the bathroom at top notch "I spy with my little eye....." I head back to find the nurse yakking with my boy. She's like "So, what happened?" And S was describing "Well my brother had a pillow on his head..." she looks confused, he follows this with "and, well, you know dominoes??? It was like that, he went down and then so did I....."

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