Sunday, January 18, 2009

Parenting and Dentistry

Sidebar: Mummy!! Did you know that you can put the treadmill on a mountain????? It's sooooooo cool, we can run uphill.
2 days later: Mummy! I can run 2 kmh backwards!!!!!!!
Mummy: Geez, I don't know if you can go on the treadmill again. Hmmm Well I guesssss so.....
H had a bazillion cavities filled on Friday under anaesthetic at the hospital. I managed to insult the recovery nurse, cause the dentist to lose face and well, you know, piss everyone off. Man. No, seriously, they call for me that he's awake and calling for me so up I go at a run...and meet the dentist on the way, who says "Yes, it went well we did all 8 fillings" I look confused, "You mean 9" Now the dentist looks confused. "You know, his last front upper tooth with the black blotch on the back......." (He had the other three pulled after they absessed after breaking them all in a fall......) So I get in with him (and get told not to nurse him argh which I ignored) and his first words to me were "Mummy, I'm hot" so I strip him off, the poor kid is COOKING, like sweat dripping off his head and wet sweaty hair. I guess the recovery nurse was worried he was cold. They let me take him back to the peds unit to watch tv, and wait for him to pee....where the other waiting parent tells me "wow did he ever call for you for a long time, at least 15 minutes" (She was waiting next door to the recovery room with her son to go in) I was HORRIFIED. He was being COOKED for 15 minutes, no wonder he was stressed and upset. (I heard the nurses talking under their breath about his bp spiking.....) I thought they called me as he was coming out. So when the recovery nurse comes in to check his stats I ask her why he called for me for so long. She gave the other lady a nasty look and said something about being busy (1 other person in recovery chatting to his nurse, whatever) .....Ok so I pissed her off, maybe she'll get the next mom sooner......(I told H I would be there when he woke up :( Then when we were finally allowed to leave I saw the dentist again in the hallway. After small talk, and being told to make a follow up appointment, I ask about the missed tooth and I get told "Oh, I decided not to do that one and let it run it's course" HUH??!!! What about the quote for 9 fillings? What about the form I signed that said the procedure had been discussed with me???? What about the other ABSESSES we had to deal with??? We are so pissed. Mistakes can be made, fillings forgotten, but LYING??????
Then we go to Micky Ds for lunch and I see a NEW baby strapped in her carseat with a bottle propped in her mouth. I just felt so sad.


::carol:: said...

Oh no fun!! So sorry to hear it was such an awful experience!! I would have been furious!! Hope he feels better soon.

My youngest has to have a few filling filled in hospital when he was about 18mths. They were not happy when I told him HE COULD nurse right up until surgery, plus I said I WAS taking him in and holding him until he was out, they didn't like that either. I got to sit with him the whole time after he came out until he woke, but was told NOT to nurse him after, which is exactly what I did lol. I may have regretted it when he threw up on me not long after, but he sure felt better lol.

mamak said...

Oh what a sucky, sucky day. The whole hospital situation and the lying jerk makes me so mad, "The EXPERTS" whatever...-K