Thursday, January 1, 2009


I was watching Oprah today (like the first time in about 7 years.......she drives me a bit nutty) as I was folding the MOUNTAIN of laundry.....(that's my excuse for turning on the tv)......and it was about finding satisfaction in your life....Changing your life to do what makes you happy. That may be quitting your job to do what your heart desires (the example was banker who is now a trapeze artist) and then Oprah said something along the lines that Most women are not at all satisfied in caring for their children. (I took this to mean SAHM, I could be wrong.) I felt sad. Very sad. I am so DARN lucky that I can spend every day with my beautiful, curious, happy, joyful, busy boys.....I would be SO MISERABLE if I had to go to work and leave them at school or with someone else. Wow, when they go to a playdate I miss them - I can't imagine going thru that every day....and then trying to deal with the whole household management thing and working outside the home....CRINGE (MAYBE if you are out working and your kids are in school your house just stays tidy and clean!? Yah! That's it. It never gets messy......)

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