Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guppies and Night Crawlers....

Henry Huggins, Beverly Cleary.....need I say more? I read all her books as a kid who read voraciously. I am reading this wonderful book to my kids right now and I realize why I always thought getting fish tank meant massive reproduction and that if you went out at night you'd find night crawlers.....I remember being sooooooooo disappointed as a kid that we didn't have 10 inch worms in our lawn. When I moved to Ontario in the 90s I was REALLY excited to find big big worms!! My kids don't want me to put this book down, it's a winner! And I see from the back cover that there are a bazillion more.....

We made two bird feeders this morning a jar one and a milk carton one - and hung them from our tree so we could watch them from our living room.

It POURED rain all day today, fall is coming.....the kids made train tracks and acted out train stories. Drama. Check.

We also played with letters loosely using Handwriting Without Tears methods but not in a structured way. Sawyer thinks it's fun. He knows a lot but I'm not sure if it's us or SuperWhy! an awesome show. Then today they found the website where they can make their own SuperWhy stories.....the wackier the better, and then they emailed them to me to read. Sawyer played SuperWhy games and August gave him all the answers and Sawyer liked all the stars he got. Great. So much for "punished by rewards". I don't reward, conciously. I try and notice and describe.

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