Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crickets and Frogs and Stick bugs and and and

I have 3 boys and I homeschool. Sporadically. I really want to be labelled an unschooler or child directed facilitator of learning......What is currently in my home? A container with Indian Stick bugs, a 5 gallon bucket habitat with crickets (we're hoping to hatch babies) a huge fish tank with pregnant guppies and a fish that loves mosquito larvae. He ate 31 in a row. He's not that big. I don't know where they fit. Why use pesticides? A container with wooly bear cocoons. A container with a grasshopper. 2 dogs. 1 maybe 2 feral cats (long story) in the barn. 6 pigs, but D day is friday. We let Frog and Toad go yesterday. Are you getting to know us???? does anyone really care to read my late night ramblings? I'm just a mom wanting to do a better job than my mom and dad did. Doesn't every parent want that? I fail a lot, and try and do better next time. My kids are glorious. They are vibrant, excited, curious, involved.....I could go on forever about the fact that I have the greatest kids in the world. But doesn't every parent? How I wish that were true.
Today was a great day, we started with lego towers, then had grandma dip dip for breakfast (aka soldier's fingers dipped in soft boiled eggs), then piano lessons including a field trip to the beach with multiple crab catches, then library visit, then the greatest doughnuts in the world from Cumberland, then books books books, more lego, helping Daddy stack firewood, more bugs and stuff, dinner....stories and bed. And now I can't sleep, and it's all going to start again tomorrow! ACK!! I better try and sleep.

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