Friday, September 26, 2008

Piggies and Pears

"Here piggy piggy, here piggy piggy!" Yup me and the pear, trying to get the reluctant piggies into the trailer on their way to D-Day.....picture the donkey and the carrot, 3 kids in the house, witching hour with kids who ran around outside for hours at a district homeschool meet and greet, exhausted ready for bed and dinner just finished, and 7 men showing up for a poker game at 8, and we HAVE to get 6 pigs to the butcher tonight.....and I realize my shirt has been inside out all day. Yup, must have made a good impression trying to sell my Usborne Books beside all the very polished and well dressed curriculum/teacher shop reps. Need I say more?
The kids playing in the newly irrigated newly planted strawberry plants. "It's suntan lotion mum!"

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