Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grandfather Frog and The Strawberry Patch

Well, when I got back from the kids' piano lessons today Don said "do you want the good news or the good news?" Apparently the farm down the way has cancelled their entire strawberry plant order, yep all 16000 of them. So now we are able to get the 1000 plants extra we needed (from their order) Our supplier (and we feel bad because we gave his name out) is phoning all his customers and asking if they need extra, and if he can't offload them then the farm down the road will have to take them. I just read to August "Grandfather Frog" by Thornton Burgess (my crazy mother found 7 of his books at a garage sale this weekend, what treasures) and I see parallels here....This guy D thought he could make some money by venturing out into the Great World Of Strawberries without any support along the way, on his own, full on, no idea of what was involved except that fresh strawberries are in demand....We were so willing to help, give pointers and get him started but he was so sure he knew how and didn't ask for or take the help we offered....Maybe if he had he would have ordered 1500 or 3000 plants and not felt completely overwhelmed a week before they arrived.....I feel bad now for being so ticked last week....Unlike Grandfather Frog who foolishly kept going into the Great World after being captured and rescued, D pulled back from the Great World Of Strawberries before there was an even bigger mess (and "I told you so's" from his mother)......I gotta respect that.....It must have been hard to swallow his pride. The way TB weaves the follies of mankind into his stories of animals is priceless and I wonder if August catches any of it. The language in the stories is so fun to read - it sings....
Work is progressing well on the farm, with extra hands the amount we are getting done is amazing. Of course the amount of weeds to pulled out still astounds me. I hate weeds. I had the worst row today. I know this because I usally go at 3x the speed of the other weeders and today they were passing me :) The boss has to take the worst .... where the heck was Don?
Don picked up 80 bales of straw today (we need a bale a row for 130 rows) and the kids madly built forts with the bales until past their normal bedtime. They want to sleep out in their fort. Apparently it is warm! I told them some people build houses from straw bales. How Mummy? Now I have to go google it so I can tell them!
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