Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food and Eating and hypocricy

We eat a fairly healthy diet - I can fruit, make salsa, can tomatoes, freeze homegrown fruit and veggies, can apple juice, can fruit and my husband goes hunting with my mother (another story) and we raise pigs so we eat organic meat....We rarely eat fast food, and usually subway at that....but we don't deny ourselves the occasional frozen pizza or perogies either. My juice I can for summer Popsicles, my fruit for smoothies......We're not preachy, I buy my kids candy if I'm in the convenience store.....Recently we've had our eyes opened by "Omnivore's Dilemma" , the movies "King Corn" and "The world according to Monsanto" and we're looking at our food choices a little more closely than we ever have. I have even tried to find out if our strawberries are GMO.....

My kids love veggies, they love fruit, they love ice cream, they love meat, they love food.....and they will as often choose an apple as a bowl of yoghurt as a popsicle......We have a Wwoofa family staying here and as much as we love them, and love having them here and love the work we are all getting done we also see some real strange ideas....like corn flakes for breakfast are better than eggs. The lady drinks 1.5 quarts of apple juice a day (granted home squeezed and canned) and has raced thru my frozen strawberries in smoothies ( I mix up the strawberries with plums, blueberries, cherries, pears and whatever else is available ) , daily.....on top of meals and but bowls of ice cream a day like bowls and bowls....it's been crazy. They eat ice cream in front of their son, and won't give him any. Then they give him a bowl before dinner because he pooped in the toilet (I'm guilty of giving M&Ms for prizes, but it didn't work), but won't let him have yoghurt (my probiotic with sugar....) for desert......It's been wild watching....They won't give him my canned fruit because of sugar (I use the LOWEST amount possible) ..... One night she made dinner for us, it was DELICIOUS, but it was cabbage soup. yep. We certainly needed more :) There seems to be this wish of vegetarianism (She keeps saying "Meat? Again?" Our meat is all organic - we raise pigs, buy a friends chickens or hunt...and they certainly gobble it down when I cook it....) but with no real plan to eat properly and so that you feel satiated.....

I pondered why I posted this with no real point, except that with real choices, kids choose a variety - mine will just as soon sit down with a bowl of frozen blueberries (that we picked) as a bowl of yoghurt (with sugar) from the store. I don't limit their choices and I guess in the spirit of free choice, they choose what their bodies need.....Beans and zuchinni that they harvest from the garden go down fast, they often don't eat their pasta or potatoes or rice at dinner, Sawyer is now choosing NOT to eat ketchup with his grilled cheese, August doesn't eat Ketchup with his eggs if they have cheese.....I see wise eating habits and kids who won't go wild on take out pizza and ice cream when they finally leave home (NEVER I HOPE....a whole nother story....)


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