Monday, March 30, 2009

Neat Day

It was a cool and clear day. Hubby and I had to fertilize our strawberries, we do this by hand. (And since we are completing our changeover to organic methods, we are feeling holier-than-thou with our HELLISH expensive organic fertilizer.......) Don got the tractor loaded on the fertilizer and headed down the driveway....with Holdy helping him drive. He unloaded bags and we started off - 1o lbs per 200 foot row. The boys played in the ditch - clearing leaves, playing poohsticks thru the culvert, and basically doing their best to fall in. After lunch we all headed out again, the boys with buckets to pick rocks. So my 3 boys and daddy lugged rocks off the field. (Have I mentionned that we live on Boulder Hill and we grow rocks here in addition to strawberries....) Did I mention Don brought a battery out and hooked up a ghetto blaster and blasted AC/DC???? Can you say perfect day? Can you say aching back? Can you picture the angelic five year old bouncing down a row singing "I've got big b........."


Ronnie said...

That last image is priceless! :-)

Are you guys coming to LIFE is Good?

mamak said...

So funny! and quite perfect.