Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Sense of Wonder

We just came home from watching this movie as part of the 100 city tour. A Sense of Wonder. Rachel Carson. Silent Spring. These are such amazing words. Amazing person. Amazing writer. Amazing message. Amazing Failure. 16 pounds of pesticides per person per year sprayed today. I am horrified. One of our best friends sprayed pesticides from a plane when he was young, ten years later fought cancer. I cried through the movie. I cried for my children and our earth. I cried because we lost a brilliant woman to cancer so young. One of her messages was connecting children with nature young, to preserve the sense of wonder they naturally posess, before they lose it. Isn't that our goal?
I will be making more of an effort to buy local organic produce that we don't grow ourselves. (I have an issue with commerical, wide scale, trucked-for-thousands-of-miles organics....)
My mother is in Arizona right now visiting a friend. She tells of miles and miles of produce in rows, with not a weed in sight, dark green, perfect.....in the desert. Trucked straight from the farm to the supermarkets....Can you imagine the impact of such farming?
I have so much swirling around in my head I can't get it down in an organized manner....
Here's a great mini news report including Rachel speaking......

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mamak said...

Gosh we are so alike. I struggle to do the right thing for my family and the earth. It's always researching, reading labels, finding local growers, visiting the farmers markets, having my own animals and garden to tend to... It's hard. Last night I watched death on a factory farm, and I nearly vomitted. Now I refuse to buy meat in the store. I am only buying it from locally humane certified grass fed farms. More expensive? YES! But, Man, it isn't blood money and the lightness my karma feels is worth it's weight in gold.
On another, lighter note, I saw you post on moving beyond the page message board. I did not have a chance to respond there. We are using it, and adore it!It's just the right balance for us, not too schooly, interesting, and we can do what we want, expand on it, or whatever. I really like it! If you have questions let me know- my email is kimcosar@yahoo.com