Friday, April 30, 2010

Want vs. Need

As I lie in bed at night with the boys to calm them to get to sleep, a constant battle emerges....whose turn is it to have mummy hug them, who gets to put their arms and legs where and whose back gets rubbed, what song gets sung.....this is supposed to be relaxing guys.....I digress. I put my glasses in my pocket and inevitably a leg is thrown over me and I say AGAIN (you'd think I'd learn) If you break my glasses it will be very expensive to replace them, pleeeeeeease move your leg.....
August: So, mummy, do you think that the little bit of plastic and metal in your glasses is worth all that money?
Me: Nope.
August: So, mummy, why do they cost so much then?
Me: I go off on a tangent about monopolies and stuff and obviously I was being asked a rhetorical question because this came out next.....
August: So, because you NEED the glasses they can charge more and other things you NEED cost more, but plastic crap toys made in China that you WANT but don't NEED are cheap so you'll buy them anyways......what do you think mummy?
The wisdom of children.

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Troutwoman said...

Oh, my. What a revelation. Darling, darling, darling. (I found you by our common interest in unschooling, and I'm enjoying your blog quite a lot.)