Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Food

The author of In defence of food, Michael Pollan is interviewed here.
I'm reading "In Defence of Food" right now.
As someone who bought into the "DON'T EAT FAT ANY FAT AND CUT DOWN ON YOUR PROTEIN" advice of the eighties, which to me meant EAT NO FAT and BECOME VEGETARIAN.....(and hay, get skinny too) it sure explains a lot of things. And I never did get skinny, just plain old unhealthy. Eating disorder city. bummer. what a waste of time. I digress.

Living on pasta and the odd carrot my poor body was STARVING for nutrients! It was craving them! I must have been SOOOOO unhealthy!! It kind of reminds me of my vegetarian sister who brings complete processed veggie soy crap into my house and then craves a pot of pasta or potatoes...What does her body really need??

When I met hubby I didn't know up from down with my eating. I'd eat nothing, binge on carbs, still be starving, binge on icecream and chocolate, and of course the endless feeling of hunger was never satisfied because I wasn't eating what my body REALLY needed. GOOD WHOLE FOOD. Now we eat pretty much what we want when we want, but based around a homegrown/produced/hunted/local backbone. Our mantra, no junk food is bad if we don't eat too much of it. I really want my kids to be comfortable with all the food choices available to them.

I wonder how many people in the US and Canada fit this description. How many really really hungry obese people out there who eat nonstop junk food are really STARVING for plain old good grown in the garden whole foods? Their bodies craving some nutrients no over processed piece of added value corn crap could ever provide?
Such enlightenment....
When is the US Government (Canadian?) going to realize the TRUE cost of corn subsidies?

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rae said...

Sing it sister! We seem to be in the same place with our thoughts on food.

We are trying to eliminate high fructose corn syrup - not an easy task, but one I'm certainly up for given all the stuff I've read and watched of late. That stuff is pure evil.