Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not back to school camping trip!

What a great time we had. Our first truly fun camping trip as a family. (The last time we went2 years ago the 2 youngest still weren't sleeping very well and we ended up a couple of zombies!)

While there and peeking at other families also camping in "school time" I really really thought how cool it would be if all the Pacific Northwest homeschool/unschool bloggers out there all booked into the campground on the first day of school and we had a "Unplanned unconventional unschooling unevent!" Camping4U!!

Ucluelet and Tofino and the coast that separates them are unsurpassed in their natural rainforest misty beauty. There is so much to do we could easily stay 2 more weeks and leave stuff undone. We stayed at the Green Point Provincial campground with access to one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast. Ok, all the beaches there are the most beautiful. I felt rushed and disappointed we didn't have more time - but at the same time exhilarated that there is still so much to do .... next year. It was hard to choose what to do each day.

We explored beaches, climbed rocks, watched waves, ran from waves, threw sand at waves, listened to waves, found shells, found pebbles, found wild chanterelles, hiked in to a crashed WW2 Canso bomber (1945 everyone survived crash), went geocaching - discovering neat beaches and walks we would have driven by unknowingly, ate marshmallows, got rained on, rode bikes...phew and that is what I remember. It was fun fun fun and the boys had a blast. They had us to themselves after a hard 3-4 months of farming stress :)

bummers: smokers who drop butts in tidepools or in rockpools of rivers; campers who don't want to walk to the toilets and leave their tp in the woods around the beautiful campsites (OK I get having to pee and a long walk, but HIDE or put your tp in the bin!); 2 inches of rain the first night....

uppers: new friends joining us for a lot of laughs; the utter joy and excitement on the kids' faces; the new (4 us) waterproof camper trailer!

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