Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving Day!

So it's been such a busy year, I can't even begin to go into everything going on around here, but I will try and start catching up.

We have already had and slaughtered 100 meat chickens. Well, we didn't slaughter 100, we did 96, the raccoons got 4. It became obvious after 2 turkeys were lost we had to move them too. Apparently my coon killing dogs sleep through the mayhem on the back fence. Dang.

So we put up an electronet fence, built a lean-too sun shelter and prepared to move the turkeys. They are pretty friendly and don't get the whole let's herd thing. Quite frankly, they'd rather gather round and gobble.

It turns out I had to head down the driveway and call out "turkey lurkey, turkey lurkey" I didn't mention the falling sky, but I did feel a little silly.....

Now see the passenger on the mower? Well one hen escaped from the pre slaughter fasting day and gorged. So I had to leave her at home with the turkeys. Now 10 days later, as we head down the driveway to the new pasture it became clear that she was headed for an obesity related heart attack.....

So I picked her up and plunked her on the mower.

She looked pretty silly.

Turkeys in their new pasture......ok, it is a whole lotta weeds, but tasty weeds!

And Henny Penny? Well she wasn't sure if she should get off or not when Don got off to change the battery.....

So she waited until she was hand delivered to her new lodgings.....and there she lives happily with her buddies. Until we decide to eat her.

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