Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Duck Duck Goose

Through Handbook of Nature Study blog we were given a project idea to look at the differences between ducks and geese. Since we have both, we brainstormed and went out and looked....photos are by August. Text by the boys!

The beaks of ducks are brownish grey. The beaks of geese are orange. The chinese geese have a humungo bump on top of their heads.

The feet the ducks are brown. The geese feet are orange.

Our female ducks are brown. Our male ducks have a green head. The chinese geese males have big bumps on their heads and they are white. Our other geese have brown spots all over them.

Geese only lay in the spring and early summer. And the ducks lay all year round. Ducks eggs are smaller than geese. Geese eggs are humungous.

Our biggest geese are scared, our ducks are scared too and our chinese geese bite a lot. None of them are friendly.

Ducks eat slugs and geese don't. Geese eat grass. Ducks do too.

Geese are bigger than ducks.

Strawberry Mama writing now:
One chinese female goose and the ducks have started laying. I didn't expect goose eggs until the spring.....Yesterday the boys found two shellless eggs....so we boiled them up and they ate the easiest to peel hard boiled eggs ever!

Our chinese geese are pretty aggressive. We have all the geese fenced in right now as we have cover crops planted. The last cover crop we planted was munched. As soon as they are established we will let them all go....hopefully to take down weeds and grass all over the farm. The one strawberry patch(1/2 acre) they all have access too looks pretty good!

We have one female wild mallard that hangs with our gang. She stays her distance but doesn't seem to be going anywhere.....could be interesting in the spring. August id'd her in his bird book.

Great challenge for the kids! Thanx!
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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Welcome to the Autumn challenges! I learned something about geese and ducks by reading your entry....I didn't know they laid eggs at different times of the year. Wonderful observations about your geese and duck! I now know that the geese I saw are the kind you have too so that makes my job of id'ing them easier.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful information and your link.

The Gingerbread House said...

That mushroom hunt looked so interesting, wish I were there to learn which were edible! your lucky to have Mom with you, who knows which is which. How does she know?
I've been getting your blog mixed up with another . (Mama-bug)..Ginny