Thursday, February 4, 2010

Really? I mean REALLY???

Ok, so I'm talking to a nutbar of a friend of mine ("Louisa, how can you have normal friends if you're not normal yourself??") who is homeschooling her middle son, oldest is in grade 2. She's homeschooling/unschooling because her first had such a miserable time. You know all the typical boy problems.....small muscle control, sitting still, attention, little boy type of going to school problems. As of next year he'll be home too - his decision to stay in school this year, though she keeps him home a lot anyways.....ANYWAY, she told me that he didn't finish a book report on time (You know those awful reports that you wonder what the point is, you pick the shortest book and write what you hope the teacher wants and never want to read a stupid book again....thingys....) so his teacher kept him in for recess to work on it. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I mean I really thought that all teachers know that keeping boys/kids in at recess is a recipe for disaster. Really. REALLY???? Every time I talk to her she reinforces in some small way why my kids are at home.....

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